Veydra Mini Prime Lenses

I knew the Veydra Mini Primes were something special when I heard they were listed in Panavision’s rental catalogue. Veydra Mini Primes are not re-housed photo lenses; they are true cine lenses built from… Continue reading

Dedolight DLED7 Turbo

The DLED7 is the latest gem from Dedolight It’s a turbo version of the very popular DLED4 fixture, but almost twice as bright; like a mini HMI I’ve been using Dedolight’s new DLED7 TURBO light… Continue reading

Sony α6300 Camera

I’ve been on the lookout for some time to update my still camera. I needed high quality with compactness for general photography and occasional video. 4K video was never on my shopping list,… Continue reading

That 19th Century Look

The Petzval 85mm Art Lens is a beautiful resurrection of the legendary Petzval Lens. It’s a very old design that goes back to the beginning of photography. First conceived in 1840 Vienna by… Continue reading

Logs and Luts; are they always necessary ?

    People are fanatical about shooting flat LOG images, but are they really necessary in day-to-day filming? During my early years as a cameraman, everything I shot looked good right out of… Continue reading

Depth of field when filming interviews

Everyone loves filmic out of focus backgrounds, but using large sensor cameras to shoot talking head interviews isn’t as simple as people think. I’ve put this article together to help people with little or… Continue reading

Sony FS5

Sony FS5 the Mini Super35 Camera My supplier told me I had the first Sony FS5 camera in the UK …. Way-hay! The FS5 is a grab and shoot camera that captures up to Ultra… Continue reading

Broadcast Trade Shows

I love Broadcast Trade Shows; they always attract the usual collection of oddities. It’s estimated that around 70% of people who attend trade shows turn up with no intention to buy. There aim… Continue reading

Location LED Lighting with Dedolight

The Dedolight Felloni 12×12-inch flat panel LED delivers 750W of beautiful soft light and uses just 1/10 the power of a traditional 750W watt lamp. Not very long ago cameras and film stocks often… Continue reading

Dedo Projector Attachment

Cameras are fast changing and it can be difficult to keep up and make the right investments for the future. But it’s reassuring in these fast-moving times, that my choice of lighting has outlasted several… Continue reading

Vintage Lenses on a Modern Camera

Vintage cinema lenses are renowned for producing beautiful images that can’t be simulated in post-production. Although colour movies and television had well been well established for years, people would often shoot films in… Continue reading

Bi-colour LED Lighting

When I first moved to LED lighting, I have to admit a few directors  seemed very skeptical about LED lighting. Several of them had bad experiences with cameramen who rolled up with those… Continue reading

SmallHD DP7-PRO-OLED-SX On Camera Monitor

Today, everyone is shooting HD or beyond. Lenses are one of the most important elements of a camera; they define picture resolution more than the camera sensor. But just as important, is being able to see… Continue reading

Dedolight Mobile DLED4 LED Light Head

Dedolight produce a whole range of cutting-edge LED lighting fixtures and I’ve been using their DLED4 lights for some time now; they are amazing. I guess everyone is asking ‘what’s the difference between the… Continue reading

Sony PMW-F5 Super35 Cinema Camera

Shoot HD, 2K or 4K with the Sony F5 The F5 delivers a shallow depth of field that we’ve all seen in the cinemas for many years, the foreground is in focus the… Continue reading