Classic Canon J9 & J20 ENG Zoom Lenses with a Sony F5


EFLECT by Dedolight

I’ve always been inquisitive about light. As a kid, I’d be under a dark blanket amusing myself  with a rubber torch and coloured cellophane from chocolates – Perhaps I’ll rewrite that opening line?… Continue reading

Titan Arm from Bright Tangerine

The perfect support arm for on-camera monitors. I’m guessing I’m not the only cameraman who has put up with dodgy articulating arms over the years. Even the better know brands eventually have issues… Continue reading

Dedolight Bi-Colour Felloni TURBO

LED light sources are still relatively new in our business and as the market becomes saturated with fixtures, choosing a reliable system can be a bit overwhelming. I work daily in news environments… Continue reading

Easyrig Vario 5

After seeing Easyrig at NAB several years ago, it’s always been in the back of my mind to buy one; so recently I did. The Easyrig Vario 5 system delivers steady hand held… Continue reading

Tokina Cinema Lenses

Tokina Cinema PL Mount Lenses are not  just rehousings of their highly aclaimed still lenses, these new cine lenses have been re-engineered by Tokina to provide cinematographers with the control and performance expected from… Continue reading

20-120mm Fujinon Cabrio 4K Cine Zoom (XK6x20)

The new 20-120mm Fujinon Cabrio is the lens I wish I had when I first started shooting with large sensor cameras; it’s taken my Sony F5 camera to a different level. The Cabrio… Continue reading

Blackmagic Video Assist DC Input Voltage

There’s a lot of speculation about the maximum DC input voltage on the Blackmagic Video Assist. The operation manual, website and AC adaptor states 12v but I’m told in reality it is higher. The… Continue reading

Sony PMW-F5 Super35 Cinema Camera

Shoot HD, 2K or 4K with the Sony F5 The F5 delivers a shallow depth of field that we’ve all seen in the cinemas for many years, the foreground is in focus the… Continue reading

Veydra Mini Prime Lenses for Sony F5 & FS5 Cameras

Dedolight DLED7 Turbo

The DLED7 is the latest gem from Dedolight It’s a turbo version of the very popular DLED4 fixture, but almost twice as bright; like a mini HMI I’ve been using Dedolight’s new DLED7 TURBO light… Continue reading

Sony α6300 Camera

I’ve been on the lookout for some time to update my still camera. I needed high quality with compactness for general photography and occasional video. 4K video was never on my shopping list,… Continue reading

That 19th Century Look

The Petzval 85mm Art Lens is a beautiful resurrection of the legendary Petzval Lens. It’s a very old design that goes back to the beginning of photography. First conceived in 1840 Vienna by… Continue reading

Logs and Luts; are they always necessary ?

    People are fanatical about shooting flat LOG images, but are they really necessary in day-to-day filming? During my early years as a cameraman, everything I shot looked good right out of… Continue reading

Depth of field when filming interviews

Everyone loves filmic out of focus backgrounds, but using large sensor cameras to shoot talking head interviews isn’t as simple as people think. I’ve put this article together to help people with little or… Continue reading