Dedolight Bi-Colour Felloni TURBO

LED light sources are still relatively new in our business and as the market becomes saturated with fixtures, choosing a reliable system can be a bit overwhelming.

I work daily in news environments with sometimes very tight deadlines. A lot of my work is broadcast live, so it’s important for me to have lights that deliver full spectrum colour reproduction straight out of the fixture; no time to grade.

My go-to lights for sometime has been the Dedolight High Bright Felloni.
They have been around for a few years now and the bi-colour version has become tremendously popular with mobile crews.


New in the Dedo line-up is the TURBO Felloni.

The Turbo Felloni is amazingly, 3 times brighter than the original high-bright Felloni; believe me, it’s super bright. With an impressive TLCI of 95 there’s need for green/magenta correction that many other LED panels still require.

In the photo below, I’m using just one Turbo Felloni to light an interview shot against a window on a sunny day. In the second photo another crew have to use two generic LED panels to achieve an acceptable exposure; but still it wasn’t as bright as my one Turbo Felloni.


Using the Turbo un-diffused outdoors in daylight releases it’s full potential.
It’s incredibly bright and makes skin tone really pop on a flat dull day; absolutely perfect.

Pictured below is a journalist during a live stand-up. The sun is on the right of frame, look how well the Turbo Felloni fills the left side of her face in full daylight.

On overcast days the colour temperature of the sky is very high and faces tend to have a slight blue cast; people don’t look healthy. Adding a good quality light source like the TURBO Felloni on days like this, make colours rich again and bring back good-looking flesh tones. People are genuinely saying to me, they look so much better when I use the new Felloni Turbo.

Powering options:

Twin vlock Felloni

The above Twin V-Lock battery adaptor is great for long running times on outside broadcasts, etc.  One of the newer breeds ‘high wattage’ V-Lock 12 volt batteries will do for more general shooting. The Turbo can also be powered from the on-board DC adaptor (supplied).

Felloni Turbo controls

The older high bright Felloni was good, but the new Felloni TURBO is truly amazing; it’s a must have light!


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