Classic ENG Zoom Lenses on a Sony F5 / 55 camera

Sony’s B4 to FZ lens adaptor brings my old 2/3-inch ENG back to life.

Fitted to a Sony F5 camera, the Sony LA-FZB1 lens adaptor gives me the same ‘field of view’ you would expect from a traditional 2/3-inch lens on a 2/3-inch camera sensor, without cropping or loss of angle of view; a super wide zoom lens stays super wide.

The Canon J9 and J20 weren’t designed as HD lenses; HDTV wasn’t around in those days. It’s true these old lenses don’t have the stunning edge-to-edge sharpness of my high-end cine lenses, but they can be used to achieve another look in my palette; they help to de-digitize the image and offset the hard edge of new breed super sharp cameras.

Lets face it, a natural look is very pleasing and that’s why lens filter manufacturers produce whole sets of various diffusion filters to do just that. These lenses were designed as very high-resolution top end lenses and cost an absolute fortune in the day.

I own Fujinon Cabrio and MK cine zooms too, but the personality of these good old ENG zooms gives me further creative options with my F5 camera.

B4 ENG lens kit:B4 to FZ Lens adaptor (Sony LA-FZB1)
Canon J9a      5.2-47mm  S35 field of view equivalent 15 – 141mm
Canon J20a    8-160mm   S35 field of view equivalent 24 – 480mm


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