EFLECT by Dedolight

PB 2Small Technocolour

I’ve always been inquisitive about light.

As a kid, I’d be under a dark blanket amusing myself  with a rubber torch and coloured cellophane from chocolates – Perhaps I’ll rewrite that opening line?

Today, I’m a tv cameraman and I’m still playing with light. It’s a strange thing to work with as you can’t see light, you only see reflections from it. Lighting is sometimes a thankless job because the best lighting often goes unnoticed.

I’ve shot hundreds of glossy looking interviews and typically use Dedolight projectors with steel gobos to create classy looking backgrounds. I always thought the gobo method was a waste of light as it relied on a subtractive method, i.e. the gobo blocks parts of the light being projected through cut out patterns. So I started thinking about making a non-subtractive system for background creation.

A year or so ago, I presented my ‘background reflector’ idea to Dedo Weigert of Dedolight fame. Working with Dedo and and his amazing team, we developed the idea into a new Dedolight product and named it EFLECT.


Put simply, the EFLECT system is the textural equivalent of diffusion and works with a selection of newly conceived reflectors, which can be shaped and bent to create reflected textural effects; it has a unique almost 3D look.

EFLECT is an amazing organic looking background generator for interviews, product or miniature work, right up to major effects in studios and theatre productions.



EFLECT can be subtle or dramatic depending on the focus position of the light fixture. Generally a wide focus is dramatic while spot is softer. Slight manipulation of EFLECT widens or narrows the reflected beam spread. The system is optimised for use with focusing Dedolights.



Laminated multicolour gels in the Dedolight adds magic to the EFLECT system. Changing focus from wide to spot produces wonderful variations in patchwork colour.


Dedolight have made EFLECT into a brilliantly compact system with maximum effect for professionals working in TV, Video and Photography.


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