Titan Arm from Bright Tangerine

The perfect support arm for on-camera monitors.

I’m guessing I’m not the only cameraman who has put up with dodgy articulating arms over the years. Even the better know brands eventually have issues like droop or failure causing valuable monitors to crash onto sides of cameras. Another problem with a flimsy arm is monitor wobble, which transfers to camera during moves. Working with bad tools can be challenging and doesn’t look professional either.

Bright Tangerine’s Titan support arm is a breath of fresh air and brings integrity to back articulating arms; they look amazing too.

Titan 4

I’m using a Titan Arm to support a 7-inch Small HD 702 monitor; it’s an expensive monitor, so I need a support arm I can truly trust and work with efficiently.

The Titan arm lets me get on with filming without having to worry that my monitor is secure.

Titan 2

Monitor tilt can be adjusted without having to fully loosen the arm, which is a huge feature. The Titan can hold up to a massive 8Kg, so can be used to hold cameras, lights, etc. in tricky positions.

Titan 1

Build wise the Titan is rock solid and a bit heavier than noga arms; not an issue with larger rigs like my Sony F5.

Titan 5

The Titan support is the best articulating arm I have ever seen; makes others look like toys. Trust me, when you hold a Titan arm, you’ll want one!

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