Dedo Projector Attachment

Cameras are fast changing and it can be difficult to keep up and make the right investments for the future. But it’s reassuring in these fast-moving times, that my choice of lighting has outlasted several… Continue reading

Vintage Lenses on a Modern Camera

Vintage cinema lenses are renowned for producing beautiful images that can’t be simulated in post-production. Although colour movies and television had well been well established for years, people would often shoot films in… Continue reading

Bi-colour LED Lighting

When I first moved to LED lighting, I have to admit a few directors  seemed very skeptical about LED lighting. Several of them had bad experiences with cameramen who rolled up with those… Continue reading

SmallHD DP7-PRO-OLED-SX On Camera Monitor

Today, everyone is shooting HD or beyond. Lenses are one of the most important elements of a camera; they define picture resolution more than the camera sensor. But just as important, is being able to see… Continue reading

Dedolight Mobile DLED4 LED Light Head

Dedolight produce a whole range of cutting-edge LED lighting fixtures and I’ve been using their DLED4 lights for some time now; they are amazing. I guess everyone is asking ‘what’s the difference between the… Continue reading

Tecpro Felloni LED by Dedolight

The Felloni is the latest LED fixture from the Dedolight Tecpro range. I bought a couple of these lights a few months ago; I love them. Sports Journalist Ivan Gaskell lit by a Felloni… Continue reading

Filming in the Middle East

I’m just back from a shoot in the Middle East where I filmed four countries in four days; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Bahrain. Not a lot of information was available with regards… Continue reading

Flying with Lithium-Ion Camera Batteries?

Did you know that checking Lithium-Ion batteries into a commercial aircraft hold as personal luggage is violation of the dangerous cargo regulations, which is extremely serious? You could face a $US 1,000,000 fine. Check-in… Continue reading

Porta-Jib Traveller

People associate jib arms with big sweeping down from the sky shots, but in fact the majority of jib shots are small subtle moves. The Losmandy Porta-Jib Traveller brings a variety of camera… Continue reading

Sachtler FSB 8 Tripod System

Quite a lot of my work these days involves shoots with lightweight HD cameras and although my O’Connor 1030 is a seriously good tripod for my bigger cameras, it’s a bit of overkill… Continue reading

Canon 5D MkII – The early days

I was an early adopter in 2008 of the Canon 5d MkII  because I wanted to be part of history. Photo by J.P Richards Not long ago, the Canon 5D MkII was the only… Continue reading