Tokina Cinema Lenses


Tokina Cinema PL Mount Lenses are not  just rehousings of their highly aclaimed still lenses, these new cine lenses have been re-engineered by Tokina to provide cinematographers with the control and performance expected from high-end cine lenses.


The Tokina Cinema 11-16mm T3.0 is a Super35 PL-mount cine zoom lens that delivers stunning ultra-wide angle perspectives.

Centre resolution is way beyond 4K and edge-to-edge sharpness is excellent; it has the optical quality of lenses that cost 10 times as much.




The Tokina 100mm T2.9 Macro Lens is used to film extreme close-ups of objects

With a minimum close working distance of 11.8 inches (0.3 meters), the Tokina Cine Macro is a true 1 to 1 macro lens, which means it can focus on something the same size or as small as the cameras sensor; awesome macro capability.

An audience can appreciate for the first time, the delicate complexity of everyday items. Even printed words and maps take on new importance when we can see the very texture of the paper or the indentations of each letter produced by a typewriter.



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