Blackmagic Video Assist DC Input Voltage


There’s a lot of speculation about the maximum DC input voltage on the Blackmagic Video Assist.

The operation manual, website and AC adaptor states 12v but I’m told in reality it is higher.

The web is full of speculation about max voltage but nothing reassuringly firm, so I called Blackmagic in UK and asked for the definitive answer.

They told me “The Video Assist will operate between 10.8 to 17v from the 2.5mm DC input on the side of the unit”.


I’m successfully powering it from a Hirose connection on my Sony F5.

Cable from Hawk-Woods is LA-24 Hirose 4-pin (male) – 2.5mm Right-Angled Jack Plug – 45cm


I’m also powering it from a D-Tap connection from various other cameras.

Cable from Hawk-Woods PC-10 Power-Con 2-pin (male)- DC Jack 2.5mm


I hope this information is of use to you.

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