Veydra Mini Prime Lenses for Sony F5 & FS5 Cameras


I knew the Veydra Mini Primes were something special when I heard they were listed in Panavision’s rental catalogue.

Veydra Mini Primes are not re-housed photo lenses; they are true cine lenses built from the ground up.

With a resolution that’s way beyond 4K, the sharpness and detail from the Veydras is really incredible. Colour is outstanding too and image quality rivals other much more expensive cinema lenses. I’ve owned Cooke and Zeiss lenses but Veydras are astonishing and set of them will cost you less than the price of one high-end cine lens.

After many chart and scope tests, I’m pleased to find that Veydras optically colour match, incredibly well with my Fujinon MK18-55mm and Cabrio 20-120mm cine lenses.


  • T2.2 aperture
  • Colour matched set
  • 300º of focus travel
  • Ten-blade iris for a smooth, circular bokeh
  • Focus breathing, minimal or none
  • 0.8 module focus and iris gears
  • High quality metal housing
  • Common front diameter of 80mm
  • 77mm filter thread


Mount directly to Sony F5 / F55 cameras

Veydra 16mm on Sony F5

MTF Services who are the sole UK distributor of Veydra Mini Primes lenses, have designed a Sony FZ mount for Veydras, which means they can be attached ‘directly’ to Sony F5 or F55 cameras without adaptors. This really is a big deal as the lenses are rock solid and remarkably small compared to other cine lenses.

I use 16, 50 and 85mm Veydras with my Sony F5 & FS5 cameras.