Sony α6300 Camera

I’ve been on the lookout for some time to update my still camera.

I needed high quality with compactness for general photography and occasional video. 4K video was never on my shopping list, and then I thought as I’m using the camera to capture memories, surely I need to future proof them with more quality/resolution than I presently have. Looking back at old photos and videos from twenty years ago, convinced me I need to archive new memories at 4K and beyond.

I went for the just released Sony Alpha 6300 which is extremely discreet and compact, so I can take it places I couldn’t/wouldn’t take other cameras.

Sony a6300 Camera (PRNewsFoto/Sony Electronics)

Sony a6300 Camera (PRNewsFoto/Sony Electronics)

The α6300 is Sony’s new flagship mirrorless 24-megapixel camera that records super35 video up to 4K internally to XAVC-S codec at 100Mbit.

The newly developed Exmor 6K sensor (6000×3376 pixels) condenses images to 4K. Almost all of the 6K sensor’s photo-diodes are used, so footage is exceptionally detailed and sharp with very low noise.

Features that impressed me:

  • Amazing low-light performance up to ISO 51,200
  • S-LOG 3 with 14 stop dynamic range
  • 5x slow motion with focus tracking in HD at 100 Mbps
  • World’s fastest 425-point on-sensor auto focus in it’s class

My Lens Choice

For walkabout and travel I chose the Zeiss 16-70mm and 10-18mm zooms.

For the moment, this seems like a great choice of camera.


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