That 19th Century Look


The Petzval 85mm Art Lens is a beautiful resurrection of the legendary Petzval Lens. It’s a very old design that goes back to the beginning of photography.

First conceived in 1840 Vienna by Joseph Petzval, one of the leading optical physicists of his day, the Petzval lens is considered one of the finest portrait lenses in history. The majority of 19th century portraits were taken with a Petzval lens on a large plate camera.

In celebration of the 175th anniversary of this incredible lens, the Petzval is back in production and reengineered to fit modern cameras.

The new Petzval 85 Art Lens is different from any other modern lens. The imperfections of Petzval’s original design adds a unique optical signature and creates images with a look that’s nearly impossible to replicate with digital tools.

A unique characteristic to this lens is it’s swirly bokeh that it seems to go around the center of the image.


The Petzval 85mm F/2.2 lens has a solid brass housing just like the original and can be used with my Sony F5 or FS5 cameras for beautiful stylized interviews.

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