Logs and Luts; are they always necessary ?




People are fanatical about shooting flat LOG images, but are they really necessary in day-to-day filming?

During my early years as a cameraman, everything I shot looked good right out of the camera. I’d normally do a one-off engineering tweak to a new camera just to get the best possible image from it. Glass diffusion filters also played a big part in these early years; typically I’d use a ½ Black Pro Mist filter to transform the hard video look into more organic looking images.

People are leaping aboard the grading bandwagon, which used to be reserved for just high-end productions. Many corporate companies use grading as a buzzword to sell to clients a must have; it’s all got a bit out of control.

I agree S-LOGS and LUTS have their place but many cameras including my Sony F5 and FS5 are capable of producing amazing images in-camera. Why make life difficult by shooting LOG images, when you don’t always need to?


(Updated on  June 27 2016)

Panavision have recently unveiled their new Millenium DXL 8K camera, which apparently replicates a highly stylised cinema look with rich saturation, and smooth gamma, ‘right out of the camera’.

This is the route I expect the others will follow too.

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