Sony FS5

Sony FS5 the Mini Super35 Camera

My supplier told me I had the first Sony FS5 camera in the UK …. Way-hay!


The FS5 is a grab and shoot camera that captures up to Ultra 4K (3840 x 2160) which is the standard used for shooting 4K television.

It’s significantly smaller and lighter than the F5 is, but still has that impressive F5 super35 image sensor which gives a nice film like shallow depth of focus.

If your final delivery requirement is standard HD, then the camera can be switched to 10-bit 422 HD, but that 4K sensor still provides spectacular super-sampled pictures with visibly superior texture and detail that ordinary HD cameras cannot touch.

I purchased the FS5 to use specifically as a B-roll camera to my Sony F5. Sounds like a good plan, but my gut feeling at this moment is I’ll use the FS5 more than the F5. This may sound a bizarre as the F5 is such a brilliant camera, but the grab and shoot aspect of the FS5 really intrigues me.

ND Filters

Many cameramen choose a single aperture stop; lets say T4 to shoot entire productions. The idea is to ensure that depth of field and optical performance (the sweet spot of the lens) stays consistent throughout the film. To get to the desired T stop involved juggling external ND filters until the stop was achieved. The FS5 has an impressive electronic, variable ND system which allows me select a stop on the lens, then dial in ND anywhere from 1/4 to 1/128th to achieve exposure. This is a big deal that few people have picked up on.