Broadcast Trade Shows


I love Broadcast Trade Shows; they always attract the usual collection of oddities.

It’s estimated that around 70% of people who attend trade shows turn up with no intention to buy. Their aim is simply to collect enough reading material and free pens until the next exhibition.

Broadcast trade shows have turned into glitzy shopping arcades where major exhibitors employ seductive girls and boys to glide around there stands wearing tight lycra and pouting at visitors; the girls are just as bad! Sadly these pretty people have zero technical knowledge so constantly have to return to their script like a scratched record.

Self-proclaimed ‘celebrity’ bloggers run around the halls beaming like loonies as they shove their outgoing personality down your throat. Bitter feuds often develop as rogue bloggers wander into another’s habitat. Selfies are very important to these people, some believe that gurning into a camera with an arm around a flabbergasted Sony rep ads integrity to their blog!

One of the better-known bloggers often hijacks photo opportunities by striking his signature pose; holds one of his chins in hand and looks puzzled at new product, as if wondering how to switch it on!

Then you have the technical blogger whose motto is “Why say it in fifty words when you can say it in five thousand. His workshop is very popular though; perhaps he could make me a coffee table?

No expense is spared when it comes to the launch of a new camera. I recall one year an enormous set with a large circle of demo cameras pointing inwards to a full size mock-up of a Victorian kitchen with a scullery maid having a dump in a sink.

Meanwhile tucked away in the huge hall is an insignificant stand with a product so simple, every cameraman wants one. Sometimes the least expensive stuff helps you the most!