Location LED Lighting with Dedolight


The Dedolight Felloni 12×12-inch flat panel LED delivers 750W of beautiful soft light and uses just 1/10 the power of a traditional 750W watt lamp.

Not very long ago cameras and film stocks often required high levels of illumination for the camera to capture decent images. A cameramen’s standard lighting kit consisted of 4 x 800Watt Reds and a couple of 2Kw Blondes, which in total drew around 7Kw of power.

Lighting today has been redefined due to the development of extremely light sensitive camera sensors, which capture bright images even in dimly illuminated environments. These days, I light purely for aesthetic effect as opposed to lighting mainly for illumination.

Companies like Dedolight have developed LED lighting fixtures, which are astoundingly highly efficient compared to our old lights. In the past, our traditional lamps would generate 90% of their energy in the form of heat and only 10% of the used energy goes to light. These days it’s a different story.

My typical lighting kit now adds up to around 260Watts instead of 7Kw from years ago; quite a progression in the world of lighting.

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