Bi-colour LED Lighting

Bi-colour Dedolight

When I first moved to LED lighting, I have to admit a few directors  seemed very skeptical about LED lighting. Several of them had bad experiences with cameramen who rolled up with those cheap LED lights that eBay are full of.  These lights have no consistency in colour between fixtures and have very noticeable shift to magenta; especially when dimmed. Sadly, some well know broadcast suppliers still sell them.

Safety Certification – Don’t be tempted to buy low cost knock-offs. The majority of them aren’t CE approved so don’t meet requirements of applicable EC safety directives. It isn’t worth the risk!


Daylight or Bi-Colour? 

I have a colleague who couldn’t decide whether to purchase Daylight or Bi-colour fixtures, so I loaned him a set over a weekend, here are his thoughts.

His older Dedologhts are used mainly on talking heads, so quite rarely at full power. Bearing in mind that the new LED daylight versions are slightly brighter than bi-colour, he decided the convenience of colour temperature change is more important than a slightly brighter lamp. His original Dedolights have been around for 12 years and still perform well. He commented that the new DLED4 build is of similar quality and would probably outlive his cameras.

Bi-colour fixtures cost a little bit more than single colour. He believed the additional cost was justified for the convenience of bi-colour. He has ordered 4 x Bi-colour DLED4 and 2 x Fellonis.

Dedolight DLED4 Bicolour Focusable LED Light

The new DLED4 fixture uses the same-patented aspheric optics as the traditional Dedolight. The LED beam is 12° wider with the evenness of the original Dedolight that we all know.

Dedolight Felloni High Output Bicolor LED Soft Light

The Felloni is a super bright, flicker-free 12 x 12-inch LED Light Panel that produces twice the light of comparable lights and draws just half the current of similar units. Color temperature is variable from 3,200 – 5,600K.


Having used these LED Dedolights for a couple of years now on a daily basis, I can honestly say, these lamps have become my favorites and always travel with me. They are both highly portable and lightweight with excellent colour rendition ‘which doesn’t change during dimming’. Powering them with V-Lock batteries give me the freedom to light absolutely anywhere.

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