Dedolight Mobile DLED4 LED Light Head

Dedolight produce a whole range of cutting-edge LED lighting fixtures and I’ve been using their DLED4 lights for some time now; they are amazing.

I guess everyone is asking ‘what’s the difference between the new DLED4 LED and the classic DLH4 head?


The new DLED4 LED lamp beam is 12° wider than the original 48° dedo head which is a real bonus. The evenness of the beam is just as clean as the older dedolight and has excellent colour rendition which doesn’t change during dimming.

They come in 3 types; Daylight, Tungsten or Bi-Colour and uses the patented Dedo aspheric optics that delivers the amazing 1:20 flood to spot ratio as in the original Dedos.


The DLED4 is extremely cool running and the flicker free dimmable ballast is slightly smaller than the original Dedo in-line transformer.

They are also compatible with standard Dedo accessories and match really well with KinoFlo, HMI, Felloni.

The new LED Dedolight has ….

  • All of the greatness of the classic Dedolight
  • A wider beam than the classic
  • Excellent colour rendition
  • Maintains colour temperature when dimmed
  • Flicker free
  • Can be powered by ‘world mains’ voltages or battery
  • Very cool operation

It’s absolutely perfect!


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