Tecpro Felloni LED by Dedolight

The Felloni is the latest LED fixture from the Dedolight Tecpro range. I bought a couple of these lights a few months ago; I love them.

Sports Journalist Ivan Gaskell lit by a Felloni at 60% reflected from a Californian Sunbounce.

The Felloni is a super bright, flicker-free 12 x 12-inch LED Light Panel that produces twice the light of comparable lights and draws just half the current of similar units. It can be powered by V-mount Batteries or AC and is dimmable from 0-100%.

Typically I use a Felloni as:

  • Key lights
  • A kick-light for outdoor interviews.
  • Bounced off a reflector to produce a bigger soft light
  • Hand held as a mobile fill-light.

I’m always finding new uses for the Felloni. Being compact and lightweight, it can be used in cramped spaces and without excessive support. It’s virtually heat-free, so you can squeeze it into places where other lights just can’t go without worrying about harming the talent or location. It’s also rainproof.

The optional carry bag will hold one LED lamp fixture, AC adaptor, Battery, Light stand and has a pocket for filters. Lightweight with great protection.

Soft Case dimensions : 56 x 52 x 12 cm

Being designed and specified by Dedolight, the Felloni has a lovely light quality, it’s built to last and gives me the freedom I need to light creativelly.

Felloni is my first choice of  LED Light Panel; it’s practically perfect.


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