Flying with Lithium-Ion Camera Batteries?


Did you know that checking Lithium-Ion batteries into a commercial aircraft hold as personal luggage is violation of the dangerous cargo regulations, which is extremely serious? You could face a $US 1,000,000 fine.

Check-in of Li-Ion batteries is not allowed unless the battery is attached to the camera or the equipment it powers. An individual may take on-board, in hand luggage, an unlimited number of Li-Ion batteries that have capacities of 100Wh or less. Li-Ion batteries that have capacities greater than 100Wh, but less than 160Wh, are restricted to 2 items per person, in hand luggage. Li-Ion batteries that have capacities greater than 160Wh cannot be taken as hand luggage or checked-in under any circumstances.

PAG recommends that customers also confirm with their carrier of choice, to determine any local rules and policies, before travelling.

My PAG L95/L95e batteries are fully protected against short-circuit and over-current. However, it is recommended that you make sure they are obviously safe and inspire confidence in the airport check-in staff:

  • Put tape over the contacts.
  • Place each battery in a plastic bag.
  • Pack batteries in your hand luggage in a safe and secure manner.

Carry a copy of the PAG Air Transportation Certificate supplied with each PAG L95 or L95e battery, also available below:

PAG Li-Ion Air Transport Certificate

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